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Nov. 13th, 2007 | 07:48 pm
location: room
mood: gloomy gloomy
music: The Dresden Dolls "Sheep Song"

"embrace each other -- but not to the point of smothering" and to "say I love you a lot, and let go of the stupid little things."

so this is what it feels like...to get mad over something stupid.
i don't like it.
this is the very first time it's been like this. i hope it doesn't happen ever again.
we were leaving CVS and i saw gab outside of subway i wanted to go say hi and he got all somekind of way like he always does when he doesn't want to do anything. so i was like... ugh lets go back to your house then. he asked me if i wanted to go home and i said just take me...we went to his house, i got my stuff and he droped me off. no hug, no kiss, no goodbye.
i feel horrible.

he's going to apply at cvs (saveon). i'm like yay he's going to be a little more social. They don't have that computer to apply anymore, aparently it got broken. He has to do it online.
They've added on to that store like CRAZY what used to be sears is now CVS. everything is very unorganized due to matinence being done.
all the cosmetics are all bunched up, they are now by the old door that is now not there. it is a brick wall. the pharmacy is still there.
it seems like they have alot more over the counter drugs. they have food in old sears side and alot of liquior. and alot more cards than they used to.
a bigger photo development section that is in the corner. crazy.

today in breaux's class a light almost exploded. the one that is over her desk.
ummm begining of class it was making some sort of gurggling noise, we didn't think anything of it....and we didn't even know it was the light so we went on with the class. then twenty-thirty minutes later it starts to sizzle..we all looked at it and saw smoke and mrs. breaux was all like "kids! get out of here!" hahaha it sounded soooo funny. ha. but yeah, the fire alarms that are sensitive went off and everyone was out on the street for five minutes. it was hot as hell!. we went back to the class and it smelled like really burnt marshmellows. not yumm at all! so we all sat out side. i think i still smell like the class still. ugh, shower time!!!! >.

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Jun. 4th, 2007 | 01:34 pm
location: library
music: silence

it's much quiet here on the adult side of the library.

Th e l e t t e r A
- - Are you Available?: No.
- - Age? 18.
- - What Annoys you?: being home..

t h e l e t t e r B
- - Do you know anyone named Billy? Billy Americanhorse....ewwe..
- - When is your Birthday?: may 31.

t h e l e t t e r C
- - What's your favorite Candy?: laughy taffy.
- - When was the last time you Cried?: the other night.

t h e l e t t e r D
- - Do you daydream?: A lot.
- - What's your favorite kind of dog?: dobermans are damn sexy
- - What day of the week is it?: Monday (i forgot that i have to get my ss card).

t h e l e t t e r E
- - How do you like your eggs? No eggs.
- - Have you ever been in the emergency room? yes.

t h e l e t t e r F
- - Do you use fly swatters? I never have fly swatters!.
- - Have you ever used a foghorn?: Nope.

t h e l e t t e r G
- - Do you chew gum?: most certainly
- - Do you like gummy candies? everynow and again. yum

t h e l e t t e r H
- - How are you?: fine.
- - What color is your hair? brown. my light hair is coming out..somewhat. i need hair dye.

t h e l e t t e r I
- - What's your favorite ice cream? chocolate mint.
- - Have you ever ice skated?: No

t h e l e t t e r J
- - What's your favorite jelly bean?: don't like jellybeans.
- - Have you ever heard a really hilarious joke?: Yes.
- - Do you wear jewelry?: rings and bracelets. bracelets were gifts, and rings were just random.

t h e l e t t e r K
Who do you want to kill?: noone.

t h e l e t t e r L
- - Are you laid back?: Sometimes.

t h e l e t t e r M
- - What's your favorite movie when you were little? snow white

t h e l e t t e r N
- - What’s your favorite number? don't have one.
- - Do you prefer night over day? no.

t h e l e t t e r O
- - What's your one wish? to be a chef
- - Are you an only child? Nope, there are many of us...we're going to take over the world

t h e l e t t e r P
- - What are you most paranoid about? nothing.
- - Piercings: ears.

t h e l e t t e r Q
- - Are you quick to judge people? no.

t h e l e t t e r R
- - Do you think you're always right? not really.
- - Do you watch reality TV? Nope
- - Reason to cry? goodbies.

t h e l e t t e r S
- - Do you prefer sun or rain?: sunny rainy day. those are the prettiest. everything is so fresh
- - Do you like snow? yes.
- - What’s your favorite season? Autumn

t h e l e t t e r T
- - What time is it? 1:38pm
- - What time did you wake Up?: around 9:30am
-- how many tattoos do you have?: none

t h e l e t t e r U
- - Can you ride a unicycle?: no.

t h e l e t t e r V
- - What's the worst veggie?: hmmm old tomatoes.

t h e l e t t e r W
- - What's your worst habit?: chewing off my hail polish when they just got through drying. ugh.

t h e l e t t e r X
- - Have you ever had an x-ray: my teef
- - Do you own a Xylophone?: no, but they sound pretty. i should get one.

t h e l e t t e r Y
- - Do you like the color yellow?: Yes
- - What year were you born in?: 1989

t h e l e t t e r Z
- - Do you believe in the zodiac? hmm..somewhat.
- - What's your sign? gemini

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veggie pizza

Jun. 3rd, 2007 | 10:44 pm
music: kidney thieves - feathers

2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
3/4 cup halved grape tomatoes
3 English muffins, sliced in 1/2
3 cups diced eggplant
1/4 Vidalia onion, sliced
1 small yellow squash, thinly sliced
1 small zucchini, grated
Salt and pepper
1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar
1/2 cup grated mozzarella
1/3 cup crumbled feta cheese
3/4 teaspoon Greek seasoning
1/4 cup shredded fresh basil leaves

Preheat oven to 400 degrees F.
Heat 1 tablespoon of olive oil in a skillet and add tomatoes. Cook until tomatoes are softened. Add salt, to taste.

Spoon cooked tomatoes evenly over English muffin halves. In a skillet, saute eggplant and onions in 1 tablespoon of olive oil. Add squash and zucchini and cook until tender. Do not over cook, since they will cook some more in the oven. Add salt and pepper to taste. Spoon sauteed vegetables evenly over the tomatoes. Sprinkle each mini pizza with balsamic vinegar. Top with mozzarella and feta cheese. Sprinkle pizza with Greek seasoning and basil.

Bake 25 minutes, or until cheese is melted and crust is lightly browned.

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all that glitters is gold

Jun. 2nd, 2007 | 08:16 pm
location: on my bed
music: Led Zeppelin "Stairway to Heaven"

marco has gone to boston for a week to visit his new nefew.
i am taking care of his ferret

rat bastard.

RB is cuuute! he's alittle mean.
i hope he doesn't get all depressed when he's here for the week.
it's cold in here, i should turn off the fan..turned off the fan.
this whole week i've been sick, i was hoping that i wouldn't be for my birthday.
but of course, i was...and still am.
hopfully i don't get rb sick.
that would suck.

i feel like i'm going to have nothing to do for a week.
i've been thinking about getting a job. i need a job. heh
the new gas station, i guess, is hiring. i should turn in an app.

gab has been in texas because her boyfriend george was going to school.
tonight they're coming back because he couldn't handle it.
loser....he flew back while gab, who is 6-7 months pregnant, is riding a bus.
i'm kind of pissed about that. she shouldn't be traveling alone, or traveling at all. heh. loser.

i'm starting to get a headache.

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i was alone, i was all by myself

May. 27th, 2007 | 01:03 am
location: my room
music: "the kill" the dresden dolls

marco and i finally told him mum that we might move in together after high school.
she seemed okay with it. ^-^ i'm happy he's happy...she seemed happy that he wasn't going to be out there alone.
he's going to be going to mmi. motorcycle machanic's institute. for harley davidson. i admire him for wanting to go for his dreams.
friday we had an assembly at school. the one they have every year where they show pictures from the past for the senior class.
i nearly cried. i guess it was ment to be so emotional. and the sad thing about it was that i wasn't on the floor with my original class. i guess it is my fault. i screwed up. i was the bad egg, and now i can't even graduate with the class i was ment to be in.
anyhow, i'm going to be going to the graduation on thursday.
i wish i could go to nicquie's graduation. i was planning on it with my percap i get at the end of the week. but it seems that i can't go. damnit.

marco and his mother are going to Boston on the first. they're going to be out there for ten days then they're coming back. his sister just had her adorable little baby kayden sabastian juda anton. long name ain't it.
i've seen pictures, his mum said that his sister said that he has marco's little cheek dimple. i was "awwwe how cute". HAHA
yep, im going to be alone...the most time apart we've been since we've been together. it's almost a year. it'll be 11 months on the fourth of june. then on the fourth of july it'll be a whole year. crazy. hehe

i'm on evelyn's lap top. she's been home for a while.
the reason i'm on the laptop is because the computer has gone ugly. it's not starting properly. it worked before i went to marco's house that one day and then when i came back it wouldn't work. i just disconnected everything and put it in the kitchen. you could imagine how pissed off i was. yup.

anyhow, i think ive updated enough. maybe i'll be back tomorrow. hehe

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(no subject)

Apr. 10th, 2007 | 05:18 pm

i want to scream and cry.
i'm tired of living in hotels and in living rooms.

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(no subject)

Feb. 28th, 2007 | 04:00 pm

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without you yes i, do

Feb. 26th, 2007 | 03:55 pm
location: Library
mood: crappy crappy
music: Jack Off Jill - Fear of Dying

someone got hit by a big rv infront of the post office.
it was crazyness.
gab, around 2:45?, came to pick me up from school and was telling me about it.
of course, nosey me wanted to see.
so we drove by there and they had already picked him up in the ambulence.
she picked me up to go make an appointment with the dentist. teresa's teeth are getting hurty. no likey

Today has been like many other days.
it starts out with waking up.
i got ready right away because my mum had to get to work at seven.
when we left i went to marco's house. he was in the shower when i got there.
we are camping out in my grandma's living room.
i can't live like this.
I don't know if y mum's saving up. i doubt it, very seriously
but i've pondered long enough that i've given up.

tomorrow is the writing aims. i passed the writing, i need to do the reading and math.
heh. i was surprised that i had even passed the writing.
breaux has been on our asses about the whole writing thing. i finally told her that i passed, i should have told her sooner, i wouldn't have had been stuck on all the writing that i had had to do earlier. and she gave me some assignments to do after i found out what i couldn't understand the most.
but reading. i guess i need to work on my reading.
isn't very hard.

tomorrow i have a test in leir. its easy.
i need to turn in my ids tomorrow also for daly, i should have brought my book, but stupid me left early and didn't bring anything.

I've been passing with As and Bs, but in daly's class i'm a little in the C.
I didn't do those assignments that was suposed to be done.

i'm getting alittle sleepy. marco needs to use the computer to schedule an appointment with the MMI guy.
It's been a while since i actually sat here and typed lots down.

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i'm late i'm late for a very important date!

Feb. 16th, 2007 | 06:34 pm

I'm at the library.
i'm here with marco, we're just on the computers. messing around.
I'm listening to The Dresden dolls.
we've been staying at my grandmother's house for the past couple of days.
and it's been ah.

I hate to say this right now. and i'm scared that i might actually be.
but i haven't had my period this month. there is either something wrong with me or i'm- i don't even want to thinkabout it anytime soon-
I've told marco, since he wants to know when i have my periods.
we already had gotten an EPT test, but that said i was negative, "not pregnant",
but it's been a little more than a week since its due day.
I'm hoping it might be that the schedule is switching, it used to do that every now and again. i should go get checked out.eh, a kid right now?
hell, i don't think so.

anyhow, i'll come back with other words and such when i can, sometime next week.
the library is about to close. heh

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(no subject)

Feb. 15th, 2007 | 03:04 pm

yesterday marco got me a half a dozen roses for valentines day (pictures shortly.)
it's just cute.
it's not everyday that marco can do something cute. it's just crazy that it has to be these silly days that he could show sympathy.

arg. i need to pee

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